Dear Kenton Chance,   I have had to write this in reply to Ralph Gonsalves claims it was a minority at the Church that disrespected him, it was not,  it was the majority.    The family were the minority,  the friends who loved and respected  Lynch were the majority, and it was them that objected and demonstrated against Gonsalves not just about him speaking but him being there at all.



Gonsalves was kind of sneaked into the funeral program.   He was fully aware that his being there would cause controversy and trouble at the Church, he actually mentioned that in newspapers prior to the funeral.   Even the priest was kept in the dark until the last moment when he was given a revised program.  No one else apparently had a copy of the revised program so they were unaware that Gonsalves was going to speak.   This is a very ULP in approach,  keeping secrets, only telling half truths and withholding information.  I have said this many times before,  and I will now say it again.  Withholding part of anything to create a different perception in the minds of people in any situation, is exactly the same as telling lies, it is the action of liars. Just like withholding or massaging the truth about  the Argyle airport and other projects is a condensed series of lies upon lies.  For Lynch’s family to  behave so at the funeral,  withholding such information, fully well knowing the controversy that Gonsalves speaking would cause was both a political and Christian sin on there part.

How many time have I raised the matter of Gonsalves being a liar.  Gonsalves told us himself that he tells lies.   Like he told us he works Obeah,  he told us he is here to finish the work of dead Marxist  Maurice Bishop.   Those are his words not mine, its not something that I have made up.
As a self confessed liar how can we possibly accept anything as true, or as fact.   Yet despite all that mumbo jumbo, he still keeps introducing words, sentences and paragraphs from Christian religious script.  I believe he no more believes in what he says,  than I believe in what he says,  because as a self confessed liar how can we possibly accept anything as true, or as fact.

Leviticus 6:1-4, “And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, If a soul sin, and commit a trespass against the LORD, and lie unto his neighbour…or hath deceived his neighbour…and lieth concerning it, and sweareth falsely; in any of all these that a man doeth, sinning therein: Then it shall be, because he hath sinned, and is guilty,”

I noticed that there have been many reader comments on I-Witness News articles about Gonsalves being accused of rape or sexual assault.  It went further than that,  he was actually charged with those two actions.  It wasn’t just two accusations as many believe, it was  six according to the DPP in a Californian Newspaper.   Six complaints, not two.  Perhaps there are even  more who have not come forward.  You may already know that people in the UK and elsewhere are being and have been tried and convicted of sex crimes that occurred up to 50 years ago, because like murder there is no statutory time limit on trying and convicting for such alleged sex crime‘s.

Gonsalves said in his  tribute to Lynch “let me thank the members of Elwardo Lynch’s family for their personal invitation for me to attend this funeral”   So according to him he was actually invited by the family, but is that true did they  invite him, or did he invite himself, as a self confessed liar we may never know.

In the tribute he further said “One of the hallmarks of civilisations is the way the dead are commemorated or celebrated: the mourning, the rituals, the community solidarity at the time of sadness and loss“.  Now I find a problem with that statement,  because I believe it is more important to consider how a man treated another man in life than after his decease.   Coming to a funeral and saying nice things about a man who you punished and treated with spite and malice cannot be acceptable.

Gonsalves said “Glen Jackson in 2006 and now EG Lynch in 2014, the titans of political talk radio are gone“.   What he never said was that the ULP do not even commemorate Jackson, he has been stacked in the back of their political minds perhaps treated in death with spite and contempt because he like Lynch was about to speak out and expose some wrong doings.    So if they treat Jackson so, who some may consider one of their own, how do you think Lynch will be remembered as an opponent of the ULP political regime, and as someone who truly disliked Gonsalves.

I think that Gonsalves has tried to paint a rosy picture of he and Lynch being loving and eternal friends even as Gonsalves sued Lynch for money, destroying his base and very being, an action that I believe killed Lynch just as if he had  “been hunted down until he exist no more”   just as if Lynch had been shot at point blank  range by what I would describe as our Gonsalves political police force.

The family should never have invited Gonsalves knowing of the raging controversy, and belief of some if not many that the action of Gonsalves suing Lynch actually contributed  to the early death of  their father Elwardo Lynch.

Its my belief that the tribute to Lynch by Gonsalves is an attempt by him to save his political skin,  and that may well be the belief of many.  Gonsalves is more interested in saving personal votes,  more interested is conducting a limitation control position of his political future, saving his political skin and wellbeing, than  anything to do with what he thought of Lynch and any tribute which I believe he manufactured as a white wash for saving himself from the might and scorn of Vincentians.  We all could see that backfired in  the most virulent fashion.

The Lord has spoken through his people,  they have every right to object to Gonsalves being in the Church even if he was invited by the left wing socialist members of Lynch’s family.   Those objectors believe  Lynch’s life  was cut short by spite and hatred,  he was beaten into submission in the courts by Gonsalves.   He was hounded “until he existed no more”   remember that phrase  “we will hunt them down until they exist no more”.   Those are the words of true hatred.

In my mind the people owe Gonsalves  no respect because he showed no respect to Lynch when he was living.

Gonsalves really doesn’t realise that he was taken to the House of the Lord to be punished, and shown that he is a mere man, capable of being punished and embarrassed.

This was the House of the Lord, whatever happened there can only be the Will of the Lord.

The girl London may well of been embarrassed as well, so perhaps she was wrong to invite a man that treated her father in such a  way that may well of helped contribute to his death.

My belief is that Gonsalves was electioneering when he went to the Church, he was hoping to save some votes which have been disappearing from his camp, and perhaps attract some others.

Lets praise the Lord, who works in mysterious ways.



An unconfirmed  whisper in ALBA’s diplomatic circles, said to be leaked from a leading politician in Saint Vincent,  that  an American doll maker has made an offer for  Hugo Chavez.  They want to stuff him with finely shredded MARXIST literature and  sell him as a doll  something in the style of a ‘Cabbage Patch’ doll.

Totally unrelated, but interesting. In 1976, 21 year old, American Art student, Xavier Roberts from Cleveland, Georgia becomes fascinated with the art of ”needle molding” an early 19th century German technique for fabric sculpture.
Working his way through school as manager of Unico Crafts shop in Helen, Georgia, Xavier Roberts comes up with an idea to develop and market adoptable “Little People”.

With “Dexter”, Xavier Roberts wins a first place ribbon for sculpture, at Osceola Art Show in Kissimmee, Florida.
Roberts and five friends form a company called Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc and convert an ex-medical clinic and rechristened it “Babyland General Hospital“.  Birth place of the Little People Dolls.

By 1982 a major toy manufacturer had the license to mass-produce the Little People.  They renamed them, the Cabbage Patch Kids (CPKs).

Since then the franchise to manufacture the dolls has passed through the hands of several internationally known toy companies.  Xavier Roberts has earned so many millions of US  dollars he was able to easily  buy a place on  a shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral.

Now I am not sure if anyone would buy a Chavez doll, even if it is a one-off-original.  What I suggest is that the doll is sold to the US National Rifle Association,  NRA,  to raffle off for firing range target practice.

There will be other dolls from the ALBA variety and comedy show,  those would be dictators are all starting to fall apart, some approaching three score years and ten.  I am sure the US NRA would be obvious buyers for the whole series,  and  the good news is that there will be plenty of finely shredded MARXIST propaganda leaflets and literature to stuff them with.

Just a late thought, I noticed on ebay that there is a great demand for ‘Test Crash Dummy Dolls’,   there you go, that’s another possibility.


During the last year I have submitted many opinions to our dear editor Kenton X Chance.  Some he has rejected and they have not been published,  I bend to his superior knowledge and judgment.

Thank you Kenton for bringing to the people a path to democracy with your particular brand of professional journalism.   I am sure all the readers appreciate the good service that you provide for us in SVG and in the Diaspora.

Sometimes I have seen you criticised,  but that is healthy, that is democracy, and you have broad shoulders.

Christmas is said to be a time of forgiving, good will to all men,  but why must some of our politicians wait until Christmas to forgive and offer good will?    Each Christmas we see messages of forgiveness and   blessings. Yet they appear to me to be empty words,  because they do not truly forgive what they perceive as opposition to their rule and party politics.

We are a country divided along political lines, even within Church’s.   We see blessings from men of the Church, ministers and perhaps even Bishops.   Men who at the same time join in the evil and spite administered by some politicians by collaborating with the very same politicians that administer hate, spite and malice.  Many of these church leaders have been bought by the politicians for little more than a few shekels.  Some have been bought by the offering of duty free concessions to them, or tax breaks,  or just a few crumbs from the table of these evil people among us.

Then each year we are told the Nativity story,  we are told to love each other,  good will to all men,  and of course men includes women, its a biblical term.  Yet on the 26th of December all the spite, malice and hate kicks in again.

I must say I truly love all people of whatever colour race or creed, every day.  I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.  I am sorry but I will not offer forgiveness and goodwill to those who have committed evil, spite and malice, that is for God to do, not me a mere  mortal.   And I do judge people by what they do and how they behave, but final judgment will come from God, he is the final arbiter.

God bless  the good, and forgive all those whom he so chooses to forgive.

Are there Venezuelan Electronic Voting Machines Stored in SVG?

Will Saint Vincent and the Grenadines be the first Caribbean Island State to introduce electronic voting machines in 2015?    Did they buy such machines from Venezuela in 2010, and then chose not to use them because of intense international debate about the integrity of the machines  generally at that time?

Since 1998 Venezuela had a form of electronic voting.

In 2003 Hugo Chavez was presented with an idea by a young computer programmer which the young man thought would further speed up the voting process and subsequently the declared outcomes of a National vote.

Chavez always had a devious mind and after a few days had what he described as a brain wave.  If a voting  machine works on the principle of computerisation, then he decided, you can program into them the outcome of any election,  you can pre-decide who was the winner.

In 2004, Bizta, a start-up technology company in Venezuela with some of the same owners as Smartmatic of the USA, received a $150,000 grant from a financing arm of Venezuela’s government. In exchange, Bizta pledged nearly 30 percent of the company shares and a seat on the board to the Chavez government.  It was noted that no Venezuelan  government representative never showed up at board meetings.   It is said that Hugo Chavez personally owned the 30% share distribution.

2004, In Venezuela opposition groups questioned the results of the unsuccessful 2004 recall election  that tried to oust Chavez.   Because they had no way of gathering evidence of anything untoward, International observers cleared the election as fair.

The US government was worried that Chavez had obtained by some method or other, an interest in Smartmatic, the builders of US voting machines.  They feared in doing so he may have been able to  decide the outcome of any US voting with these machines.  At that time Venezuela’s government said that it had no ownership in Smartmatic. “The Chavez administration does not have any type of relationship with the Smartmatic Corporation,” statement by Venezuelan ambassador to the United States, Bernardo Alvarez.

The problem with using electronic computerised voting machines,  its the simplest thing in the World for a programmer to put instructions in the program that will change the outcome of the vote.   Simply tell the machine that very second or third vote for the opposition party is electronically converted to a vote for the ruling party, its just that simple.  Asking the machines to spew out paper on a rerun audit will only give the previously programmed result, there is no checking without a programmer pulling each machine apart and inspecting exactly what it is programmed to do.    Even that may be impossible to do if the machine is programmed to disallow such an action.

So what is the answer?  the answer is not to use electronic voting machines.  Use old fashioned voting box’s.  At least then you may have the opportunity to view the people who are conning the electorate, even maybe look them in the eye as they shaft us.

The voting machines for Saint Vincent were also mentioned in WIKILEAKS

Barbados US Embassy
Date:2009 August 19, 13:42 (Wednesday)  Canonical ID:09BRIDGETOWN500_a
St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
“According to Peters, Gonsalves is following the advice of Venezuelan President Chavez and intends to be a President for life. The ordering of Electronic Voting Machines from a company associated with Chavez is causing worry that the vote could be rigged in the upcoming election. Plans for redistricting to weaken the opposition are moving forward, Peters said, and voter rolls are not as accurate as one would hope”.

I remember at the time of the 2010 elections there was talk and written comments of crates arriving at the  airport containing electronic  voting machines, unloaded from a Venezuelan military aircraft.   If that was true where are they being stored?  and can we expect to be using them anytime soon?

Dear Editor

Please consider this, I met last week with a familly that are absolutly devastated because they cannot get paid, and have no money.



The government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines made an order and gazetted it, enabling the acquirement of the farm lands at Argyle for use of building the Argyle International Airport.  A compulsory acquirement of farmers lands and houses  to build the said airport on.

Today there are still sixty [60] farmers who have not been paid for their land.    Some have been waiting for 6 years to be paid.   Some of those waiting have died  whilst waiting for payment that would of enabled them to seek overseas treatment and in some cases treatment that may well of saved their lives.  What some may consider as murder whilst being robbed of their land.    Not only have they not been paid for their lands, they have lost the income from the crops they used to grow.  They have spent their little savings,  and besides that some lost everything when many of financial institutes in SVG failed, compounding their misery.   Some of these families had children that wanted to go overseas and study,  children who became victims because of the governments robbery of their parents and grandparents. Victims in a country that boasts an education revolution.

One man that I know wanted to go abroad and get treatment for his diabetic condition, reluctantly went into the hospital here and got that nasty foot rotting infection that our hospital is deeply infected with,  you take your life in your hands when you enter the hospital here  for any reason, especially if you have an open wound.   That man lost his foot when his family believed if he had gone abroad in good time, his foot would of been saved.  The hospital here just did not have the drugs or treatments that are available in almost any other country elsewhere.  But it seems they have got a ready supply of scalpal’s and bone saws. 

If these well shafted owners ever get paid, they cannot demand any interest or compensation if its owed to them by the government.  But what if it is owed to them by IADCL a limited liability Company.  The  International Airport Development Company Limited [IADCL] is a private limited liability company wholly owned by the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It was incorporated under the Companies Act of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

It appears to me that the government made the order for the land to be taken,  yet the IADC negotiate and agree the price to be paid for the land,  and the IADC pay the land owners.  But IADC are unable to pay the landowners unless the government keep them in sufficient funds to pay the landowners.  The IADC are unable to take loans so the government has been the signatory for all the loans, at least I hope its all the loans and includes those from our NIS.

We really require clarification of why a limited liability company is required. Would a bankruptcy or forced liquidation or receivership by the company mean that all those land owners and others owed by the company would not get paid?   Or are the government responsible?   Who is responsible.  

I am not sure that if the company is 100% owned by the government and is under the ultimate control of the government if that is little more than what would be classed as a ‘close company’  just an extension of the government hiding under the cover of limited liability but which if looked at carefully is a sham set up for the government to remove liability from themselves.

I suppose as a separate company it makes it easy if it was decided to sell the company and its assets [the airport]  for $10  when the whole thing goes boss-eyed.

We must also consider if taking the people lands and not paying them is unconstitutional and if there a serious breach of constitutional law, under Protection from deprivation of property.   Even have basic human rights been violated by this Marxist led ULP Government.

The Constitution
Fundamental rights and freedoms
1. Where every person in Saint Vincent is entitled to the fundamental rights and freedoms, that is to say, the right, whatever his race, place of origin, political opinions, color, creed or sex, but subject to respect for the rights and freedoms of others and for the public interest, to each and all of the following, namely-
c. protection for the privacy of his home and other property and from deprivation of property without compensation, the provisions of this Chapter shall have effect for the purpose of affording protection to those rights and freedoms subject to such limitations of that protection as are contained in those provisions, being limitations designed to ensure that the enjoyment of the said rights and freedoms by any person does not prejudice the rights and freedoms of other or the public interest.
Protection from deprivation or property
6. (1) No property of any description shall be compulsorily taken possession of, and no interest in or right over property of any description shall be compulsorily acquired, except for a public purpose and except where provision is made by a law applicable to that taking of possession or acquisition for the payment, within a reasonable time, of adequate compensation.

The government have taken to hiding  behind the wording  in the constitution ‘within a reasonable time’ which in my opinion anything over a year is unreasonable and unconstitutional.    But I am not a Judge so therefore I cannot say what is legally acceptable as a reasonable time.   Its impossible for any unbiased judiciary to agree with the government over this matter.

I have asked IADC in the past why they are not paying the land owners, I was told because they did not have the money to do so, I then asked why not, they told me they were reliant on the government giving them sufficient funds and earmarking such funds for that specific use to be able to pay the land owners.  In other words the government are at fault.   But to my way of thinking surely the first part of any development phase is to pay for the land you wish to develop.  Could you imagine for one moment what the cry would be from the government if the boot was on the other foot,  or if it was a private company acting in such a way.

In  general case-law  in the absence of an expressed or fixed time established by the parties to an agreement or contract, any time which is not manifestly unreasonable under the circumstances. For example, if a contract does not fix a specific time for performance, the law will infer [and impose] a reasonable time for such performance. This is defined as that amount of time which is fairly necessary, conveniently, to do what the contract requires to be done, as soon as circumstances permit. The buyer not having the money to pay would not be an acceptable reason for non-performance or delay. The reasonableness or unreasonableness of time used or taken by a party may be the subject of Judicial Review in light of the nature, purpose, and circumstances of each case.

My advice to those who have been taken advantage of over their land should get together and  make a committee, employ a solicitor who they feel is not holding a positive bias for the government and put the solicitor on a slice of that which is recovered.   If you cannot find a decent local solicitor who you trust, I can recommend several from Barbados or Trinidad. 

For you people in the Diaspora, our farmers are not so commercially advanced as you and would not act in the way that you do,  but that is no reason at all why the government should take advantage of them.

All the friends of the airport in the Diaspora should get together and demand of the government that they pay the land owners.   If you have any decency in you and are real Vincentian patriots,  not ULP patriots, that is something different.  You can I suppose be both, but in this case you cannot, please help these people get what is owed to them, their families and children are suffering at the hands of this  government.

Don’t forget Ralph Gonsalves tells us all he loves us,  well if he loves the land owners at Argyle he will pay them when he reads this opinion, at least within 14 days of publication.   If he doesn’t, we may assume I suppose, that he doesn’t love them after all,   it was simply another lie.

Peter Binose, self appointed and upgraded to keeper of the bugle.



A puppeteer is a person who manipulates an inanimate object, such as a puppet, in real time to create the illusion of life. The puppeteer may be visible to or hidden from the audience. A puppeteer can operate a puppet indirectly by the use of strings, rods, wires, electronics or directly by his or her own hands placed up inside the puppet or holding it externally.

There are a wide range of styles of puppetry but whatever the style, the puppeteer’s role is to manipulate the physical object in such a manner that the audience believes the object is imbued with life. In some instances the persona of the puppeteer is also an important feature.

Almost every government department in SVG is under puppetatorship, a dictatorial puppet master, a puppeteer.

In fact who needs a government when we have Gonsalves?

What school needs teachers when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need doctors when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need judges and magistrates when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need a police chief when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need a CEO of VINLEC when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need a CEO of CWSA when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need agriculturists when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need historians when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need a constitution when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need a queen when we have Gonsalves?

Why do we need preachers when we have an Obiman?

This man claims to be the expert in every subject and every matter, only his opinion and point of view matters.

This man is what we may describe as a ‘know all’, an expert in all and everything known to man. What he is in fact is a puppeteer, he pulls the strings and all our officials and government workers dance, the judiciary, the police, educationalists, preachers, historians. They all dance whilst its his voice, and only his voice that can be heard. Its a real puppet show by one the Caribbean’s leading puppeteer’s.

The relationship between the puppeteer and the puppet is often assumed to be similar to that between a director and an actor. This may be so, but one of the characteristics of puppetry is that very often the puppeteer assumes the  roles of puppet-maker, director, designer, writer and performer. In this case a puppeteer is a more complete theatre practitioner than his puppets.

Any state anywhere in the World, that would like a puppeteer, we have one we would just love to get rid of. You can have him free, I was going to say no strings attached, but with puppeteers that impossible.
Peter Binose