During the last year I have submitted many opinions to our dear editor Kenton X Chance.  Some he has rejected and they have not been published,  I bend to his superior knowledge and judgment.

Thank you Kenton for bringing to the people a path to democracy with your particular brand of professional journalism.   I am sure all the readers appreciate the good service that you provide for us in SVG and in the Diaspora.

Sometimes I have seen you criticised,  but that is healthy, that is democracy, and you have broad shoulders.

Christmas is said to be a time of forgiving, good will to all men,  but why must some of our politicians wait until Christmas to forgive and offer good will?    Each Christmas we see messages of forgiveness and   blessings. Yet they appear to me to be empty words,  because they do not truly forgive what they perceive as opposition to their rule and party politics.

We are a country divided along political lines, even within Church’s.   We see blessings from men of the Church, ministers and perhaps even Bishops.   Men who at the same time join in the evil and spite administered by some politicians by collaborating with the very same politicians that administer hate, spite and malice.  Many of these church leaders have been bought by the politicians for little more than a few shekels.  Some have been bought by the offering of duty free concessions to them, or tax breaks,  or just a few crumbs from the table of these evil people among us.

Then each year we are told the Nativity story,  we are told to love each other,  good will to all men,  and of course men includes women, its a biblical term.  Yet on the 26th of December all the spite, malice and hate kicks in again.

I must say I truly love all people of whatever colour race or creed, every day.  I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.  I am sorry but I will not offer forgiveness and goodwill to those who have committed evil, spite and malice, that is for God to do, not me a mere  mortal.   And I do judge people by what they do and how they behave, but final judgment will come from God, he is the final arbiter.

God bless  the good, and forgive all those whom he so chooses to forgive.