An unconfirmed  whisper in ALBA’s diplomatic circles, said to be leaked from a leading politician in Saint Vincent,  that  an American doll maker has made an offer for  Hugo Chavez.  They want to stuff him with finely shredded MARXIST literature and  sell him as a doll  something in the style of a ‘Cabbage Patch’ doll.

Totally unrelated, but interesting. In 1976, 21 year old, American Art student, Xavier Roberts from Cleveland, Georgia becomes fascinated with the art of ”needle molding” an early 19th century German technique for fabric sculpture.
Working his way through school as manager of Unico Crafts shop in Helen, Georgia, Xavier Roberts comes up with an idea to develop and market adoptable “Little People”.

With “Dexter”, Xavier Roberts wins a first place ribbon for sculpture, at Osceola Art Show in Kissimmee, Florida.
Roberts and five friends form a company called Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc and convert an ex-medical clinic and rechristened it “Babyland General Hospital“.  Birth place of the Little People Dolls.

By 1982 a major toy manufacturer had the license to mass-produce the Little People.  They renamed them, the Cabbage Patch Kids (CPKs).

Since then the franchise to manufacture the dolls has passed through the hands of several internationally known toy companies.  Xavier Roberts has earned so many millions of US  dollars he was able to easily  buy a place on  a shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral.

Now I am not sure if anyone would buy a Chavez doll, even if it is a one-off-original.  What I suggest is that the doll is sold to the US National Rifle Association,  NRA,  to raffle off for firing range target practice.

There will be other dolls from the ALBA variety and comedy show,  those would be dictators are all starting to fall apart, some approaching three score years and ten.  I am sure the US NRA would be obvious buyers for the whole series,  and  the good news is that there will be plenty of finely shredded MARXIST propaganda leaflets and literature to stuff them with.

Just a late thought, I noticed on ebay that there is a great demand for ‘Test Crash Dummy Dolls’,   there you go, that’s another possibility.