Dear Kenton Chance,   I have had to write this in reply to Ralph Gonsalves claims it was a minority at the Church that disrespected him, it was not,  it was the majority.    The family were the minority,  the friends who loved and respected  Lynch were the majority, and it was them that objected and demonstrated against Gonsalves not just about him speaking but him being there at all.



Gonsalves was kind of sneaked into the funeral program.   He was fully aware that his being there would cause controversy and trouble at the Church, he actually mentioned that in newspapers prior to the funeral.   Even the priest was kept in the dark until the last moment when he was given a revised program.  No one else apparently had a copy of the revised program so they were unaware that Gonsalves was going to speak.   This is a very ULP in approach,  keeping secrets, only telling half truths and withholding information.  I have said this many times before,  and I will now say it again.  Withholding part of anything to create a different perception in the minds of people in any situation, is exactly the same as telling lies, it is the action of liars. Just like withholding or massaging the truth about  the Argyle airport and other projects is a condensed series of lies upon lies.  For Lynch’s family to  behave so at the funeral,  withholding such information, fully well knowing the controversy that Gonsalves speaking would cause was both a political and Christian sin on there part.

How many time have I raised the matter of Gonsalves being a liar.  Gonsalves told us himself that he tells lies.   Like he told us he works Obeah,  he told us he is here to finish the work of dead Marxist  Maurice Bishop.   Those are his words not mine, its not something that I have made up.
As a self confessed liar how can we possibly accept anything as true, or as fact.   Yet despite all that mumbo jumbo, he still keeps introducing words, sentences and paragraphs from Christian religious script.  I believe he no more believes in what he says,  than I believe in what he says,  because as a self confessed liar how can we possibly accept anything as true, or as fact.

Leviticus 6:1-4, “And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, If a soul sin, and commit a trespass against the LORD, and lie unto his neighbour…or hath deceived his neighbour…and lieth concerning it, and sweareth falsely; in any of all these that a man doeth, sinning therein: Then it shall be, because he hath sinned, and is guilty,”

I noticed that there have been many reader comments on I-Witness News articles about Gonsalves being accused of rape or sexual assault.  It went further than that,  he was actually charged with those two actions.  It wasn’t just two accusations as many believe, it was  six according to the DPP in a Californian Newspaper.   Six complaints, not two.  Perhaps there are even  more who have not come forward.  You may already know that people in the UK and elsewhere are being and have been tried and convicted of sex crimes that occurred up to 50 years ago, because like murder there is no statutory time limit on trying and convicting for such alleged sex crime‘s.

Gonsalves said in his  tribute to Lynch “let me thank the members of Elwardo Lynch’s family for their personal invitation for me to attend this funeral”   So according to him he was actually invited by the family, but is that true did they  invite him, or did he invite himself, as a self confessed liar we may never know.

In the tribute he further said “One of the hallmarks of civilisations is the way the dead are commemorated or celebrated: the mourning, the rituals, the community solidarity at the time of sadness and loss“.  Now I find a problem with that statement,  because I believe it is more important to consider how a man treated another man in life than after his decease.   Coming to a funeral and saying nice things about a man who you punished and treated with spite and malice cannot be acceptable.

Gonsalves said “Glen Jackson in 2006 and now EG Lynch in 2014, the titans of political talk radio are gone“.   What he never said was that the ULP do not even commemorate Jackson, he has been stacked in the back of their political minds perhaps treated in death with spite and contempt because he like Lynch was about to speak out and expose some wrong doings.    So if they treat Jackson so, who some may consider one of their own, how do you think Lynch will be remembered as an opponent of the ULP political regime, and as someone who truly disliked Gonsalves.

I think that Gonsalves has tried to paint a rosy picture of he and Lynch being loving and eternal friends even as Gonsalves sued Lynch for money, destroying his base and very being, an action that I believe killed Lynch just as if he had  “been hunted down until he exist no more”   just as if Lynch had been shot at point blank  range by what I would describe as our Gonsalves political police force.

The family should never have invited Gonsalves knowing of the raging controversy, and belief of some if not many that the action of Gonsalves suing Lynch actually contributed  to the early death of  their father Elwardo Lynch.

Its my belief that the tribute to Lynch by Gonsalves is an attempt by him to save his political skin,  and that may well be the belief of many.  Gonsalves is more interested in saving personal votes,  more interested is conducting a limitation control position of his political future, saving his political skin and wellbeing, than  anything to do with what he thought of Lynch and any tribute which I believe he manufactured as a white wash for saving himself from the might and scorn of Vincentians.  We all could see that backfired in  the most virulent fashion.

The Lord has spoken through his people,  they have every right to object to Gonsalves being in the Church even if he was invited by the left wing socialist members of Lynch’s family.   Those objectors believe  Lynch’s life  was cut short by spite and hatred,  he was beaten into submission in the courts by Gonsalves.   He was hounded “until he existed no more”   remember that phrase  “we will hunt them down until they exist no more”.   Those are the words of true hatred.

In my mind the people owe Gonsalves  no respect because he showed no respect to Lynch when he was living.

Gonsalves really doesn’t realise that he was taken to the House of the Lord to be punished, and shown that he is a mere man, capable of being punished and embarrassed.

This was the House of the Lord, whatever happened there can only be the Will of the Lord.

The girl London may well of been embarrassed as well, so perhaps she was wrong to invite a man that treated her father in such a  way that may well of helped contribute to his death.

My belief is that Gonsalves was electioneering when he went to the Church, he was hoping to save some votes which have been disappearing from his camp, and perhaps attract some others.

Lets praise the Lord, who works in mysterious ways.